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launching day!

yoohoo! This is the 1st post i'm gonna put in this new blog ( i forgot my old blog's password so i made a new one :p). May i introduce myself? hehe. Je m'appelle Mudrica Rusfiani. People often called me just Ika because it's easier than Mudrica. I am 17 road to 18. (Maybe I'll write more about me later on next post)
Actually,many blogs featured a kinda major Issue as their blog's signature like fashion, music, photoghrapy, blablah. I like it, though. Bu
t I l.o.v.e them all. I am deeply in love with all magnificient picture for whatever kinds.
About why i named my blog as
choco.cookie.stuck in my head is because i heart chocolate. i also have a fond of cookies. hehe. Well, you'd know what blog is all about. but of course i'm gonna post a piece of my colorful lil' life,too :) . So, i would feel very very grateful if you have the time to read my blog (i apologize if i have a bad English with bad grammar and structure) xoxo

*au revoir!