Tomorrow may be the first time for me to live at a place called dorm. It's not way too far from home actually. I've told you the reason before why I decided live in dorm.
ooh, how I will miss my comfy room and my mum's delicieux cook :)
So life goes on, people. Let's move our butt out of comfort zone. yayy!

P.S : Just so you know the picture above just an illustration that I got from *here :)

Long Hiatus

hey hey y'all. It's quite long hiatus, right? maybe around 3 weeks. Whooa,I miss blogging so much. It's all because I was so busy and overwhelmed with matriculation at my new college. It was like almost everyday we got pre-test about science subject. Besides, It's fasting month so my energy level ran down damn quick. Well then when I got home, my lil' comfy bed waited for me. So i did nothin but sleep,hehe. After break fasting, I refreshed my mind by making collages at Polyvore.com whiches really fascinating.

But didn't took so long coz I had to study and review back the materials that would be tested on the following day. And all that same routines would happened over and over again from September 7th until September 17th whiches very close to Aidil Fitri day,huhu. But I have to keep my mind and spirit on fire also do my best to be a good Nutritionist someday. Btw, I'm so regret for not doing any improvement on act of devotion in this holy month. I promise, I will on the next year.

*au revoir!

It's a MUST !

*au revoir!

Alice in Waterland

It's super Kawaii !!
Elena Kalis III Underwater Photography is so awesome.
I cant wait for the movie on March 2010 !!

Click HERE to see more !

*au revoir!

Potter Face

This is trully fully awesome, i found this on tumblr.

You really have to sing it with the tune of POKER FACE by Lady GaGa to get the full effect.
whoever came up with this is soo G E N I U S. I'm also put the song here if you haven't heard it:

Potter Face

Mum mum mum MAH. Mum mum mum MAH.
Mum mum mum MAH. Mum mum mum MAH.

I wanna curse ‘em like in the Ministry.
Magic, antics, Fred and George, baby it’s HP (I love it.)!
I know that I’m the boy who lived, so really please don’t start
I’m off fighting Voldemort and breaking Ginny’s heart

Oh Oh Oh Oh. I’m super hot, Death Eaters are not.
Oh Oh Oh Oh. I’m super hot, Death Eaters are not.

Can’t read my - can’t read my -
No, they can’t read my Potter face
(He’s gonna kill old Voldie!)
Can’t read my - can’t read my -
No, they can’t read my Potter face
P-p-p-potter face P-p-potter face
P-p-p-potter face P-p-potter face

I roll with a guy named Ron and a chick named Hermoine
Destroying Horcruxes is fun when you’re with me
Avada Kedavra is not the same without a wand
And baby when it’s war, if it’s not tough it isn’t fun

Oh Oh Oh Oh. I’m super hot, Death Eaters are not.
Oh Oh Oh Oh. I’m super hot, Death Eaters are not.

Can’t read my - can’t read my -
No, they can’t read my Potter face
(He’s gonna kill old Voldie!)
Can’t read my - can’t read my -
No, they can’t read my Potter face
P-p-p-potter face P-p-potter face
P-p-p-potter face P-p-potter face

I won’t tell you about Quidditch Sign your broomstick
‘Cause I’m battling the Dark Forces
I’m not dying, I’m just off killing some evil tyrants
Just like old Hagrid back at Hogwarts
I can smash you with my bare hands
I promise this, I ain’t coy -
I am hotter than Malfoy

Can’t read my - can’t read my -
No, they can’t read my Potter face
(He’s gonna kill old Voldie!)
Can’t read my - can’t read my -
No, they can’t read my Potter face
P-p-p-potter face P-p-potter face
P-p-p-potter face P-p-potter face


*au revoir!

Fresh-graduated !

Hey, folks !! long time no post, wheww. It's all because I've been so over-whelmed with college activitieshttp://emo.huhiho.com. Well, now I'm not a high school student anymore. It was great. The Highschool. All of the joyness, stupidity, final-exam-paranoid and ridiculous drama. Gosh, I will M I S S that so hard.
I am now as a Nutrition's college student. It's quite large and also has complete facilitations. But..it takes more than 30 minutes to get there from home, and I am such a sloucher to get up so early in the morning. Haha. But..actually the biggest problem is..that I couldnt make it there by myself. My dad has even bought me motorbike and I named it 'B i m a', lol because it's an abbreviation from Red Beat (one of the bike's brand whiches in Indonesia means Beat Merah). But I'm not really good on riding it. When the other's truck or bike came up near me, It'd be scare the-hell-out-of-me. Sounds lame,huh? :D my friends often say that to support me.
You know I'm really tryin hard to overcome this fear. Really. The paranoid just beat me damn hard. I have that will. The will to become INDEPENDENT. I have the gut but my muscles cant even move. Oh, what a shame lol. But dont think that I hate myself. It's just the part of growing up. :) Call it cliche, but I'm still use this powerful word :

Back to the topic guys..., so I decided to live temporarily at dormitory with my highschool fellas. Hemm, quite large and hope it could be homey for me ::fingercrossed::

P.S : please, wish me luck for not crashing anything around when I'm riding C:

*au revoir!

Stop motion with wolf and pig

This video is made by Japanese with a very clever and creative idea performing a huge amount of photograps. Pretty much adore it .

But, hey.. you guys MUST see this another magnificient video. (*hint : you'll know what it means when you feel the music)

*au revoir!


Uniquely quirky ! can describe Zooey Deschanel. She do have talents as an Actress, Musician, and Singer-Song writer . She also have taste in fashion. Love her style because that so damn vintage yet original.

These are some pictures based on movies I've watched that starred by her :

Elf Failure to launch

Bridge To Terabithia Yes Man

The Happening

The go-getter

And I can't wait to watch her brand new movie !

500 days of Summer

Also, she's totally talented with her lovely voice and her capability to write her own song with
the band called She and Him.

Hmm, this is their video. So unique and adorable. I love how weird this video is. And I'm wondering how she could have an akward expression for the most of the video. But she still cute, though.
And ooh, most of their song have 50's atmosphere. Her voice is perfectly fit for this kinda music.

However, I'm sick with the comparison between Zooey and Katy, even I love them both. I hope people can stop bring it up to the top of conversation anymore.

*source : zooeydeschanel.tumblr.com

yay, that calls 'climb'...


I know it's kinda corny to post a lyric,hehe It's definitely not because i'm running out my idea--i do really love the song and it's deep meaning.

I can almost see it
That dream I am dreaming
But there's a voice inside my head saying "You'll never reach it"
Every step I'm taking Every move I make feels
Lost with no direction
My faith is shaking
But I gotta keep trying Gotta keep my head held high

There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be a uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose
Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb

The struggles I'm facing
The chances I'm taking
Sometimes might knock me down
But no, I'm not breaking
I may not know it but these are the moments
that I'm gonna remember most,
yeah Just gotta keep going
And I, I got to be strong Just keep pushing on
Keep on moving, keep climbing, keep the faith, it's all about the climb

P.S : but this one you should NOTICE ... :D

*http://emo.huhiho.com jiayou!


Finally, i could watched HP6 on Thursday. It's over a week from the released date on July, 15th. When my friends and I wanted to watch it on the next day, of course, the ticket was totally sold out. ergh. http://emo.huhiho.com
Then, the plan had to be delayed again, because two of my friends got sick. Few days later, there wasn't a confirmation from them but i was still waiting.
So, i realized that it's totally waitin for nothin because one of my friends have watched it first. And Oh gosh! She said it wasn't too good and almost all of my friends didn't want to watch it on the theater. http://emo.huhiho.com
However, I dont give a damn what all people said about HP6, of course I'm still a huge fan of it.
Btw, I went there with my buddies who love HP too. I wore a brown Hogwart T-shirt. Yayy! http://emo.huhiho.com
Whew, I was so excited and really miss all of the character. Also, I was impressed by the visual effect. So sophisticated. To me, the movie is the darkest and the funniest movie among the series. Haha. I know that many scenes,elements,etc have been dissapeared from the book. It was just dissapointed me a bit.http://emo.huhiho.com After all, there's always a weakness appears. But i could stand still as a HP fan.

Today's LOOK

Well, i used my 30 minutes spare time mixing up those outfits,err not bad, right? Maybe i'll make it up more classy yet stylish.

Sophia & Bella

I got this video from hanging around youtube.com and suddenly found this video. They're Sophia and her sister Bella. Both are under 5 years old . Let's take a sneak peek :)

I just loveee the part when Sophia said "Did she say no chocolate?" LOL
and then when she asked Bella,
"who's his name??"
she answered it with an angelic face, "His name is Mom" (hahaha, so adorable)
"No, his name is superstar"

They're such a sweet and adorable kids. Yet, their cuteness's kill me. LOL
I wonder if I had them as my own kids. I'd really love to.

This is another video that so much sweeter by lil' Sophia

*au revoir!

Got Insomnia :(

Recently, I've suffered this kinda stuff :

Help me, please.
It's gettin more difficult for me to sleep tight without any dreams. -_-"

Bada bada

Hey y'all my dear, I'm gonna post something about music that currently stuck-in-my-head. wheww! This song called "Bada bada" by Joanna Wang. It swing me up jazzly and boost my mood when I'm listening it. Check this video out! You should love it,too.

"something stirs deep in my heart'"

FYI, Joanna Wang is taiwanese singer, but partially raised in USA. She do has a greaat voice, when the first time I listened the song, I thought that she's a native American or European until I knew her real name,LOL.
I'm so much heart this song. It's totally always made my day.

Top 5 countries I want to visit

Everyone is allowed to have a dream. So If i had loads of money, I would visit these places with whom i love :)
Mecca,Saudi Arabia

This holy place might be at the 1st destination for perfecting myself as a moslem by participating the Hajj annual program. I'd love to participate it only when I'm ready physically and mentally as well. I hope i can make it above 25 and under 45.hehe.


I adore this country so baaad.
All the attractions that so amazed me :
That gorgeous skyscrapper above called Eiffel
The greatest museum in the world,

World class art galleries
Beautiful parks and gardens while spring
Have fun in Disneyland Paris
Romantic boat cruise on S
eine River
Enjoy the classy cuisine
Yet, I also 'heart' the language whiches really romantic yet classy
I know that it's obviously difficult to lear
n, but c'mon!try moi :D
#3 Egypt

Egypt is the gift of the Nile.” Herodotus

This country has a lot of mysteries and it triggers me to explore the whole wonders things that still exist. I want to check-in at the hotel that has pyramid view, whew! what a splendid day that i hope would happen as I wish.
I' d really like to visit the Pyramids,Sphinx,Nile river, and blablabla.
#4 Carribbean Islands

To breath the fresh air, listen to the rolling waves, play with white sands and blue sea, and the most important thing is to view the huge fantastic scenery created by the only God :) hmmmph really peaceful. And also i wanna try snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing, wow!


Whew, this country is soo fascinating and sophisticated. I 'd love to :
  • Enjoy the cherry blossoms tree
  • Spend the night at the downtown. I just love the hi-tech atmosphere that full of lights and ads.
  • Visit Fuji Mountain
  • Walk on the street and shopping all day long
  • Watch and admire the Harajuku street style

I just really 'heart' the cultures and their creative minds to create everything that so amazed me. For example, the buildings, anime,manga, etc.