When the book said that left-hander has a right-brain dominance, my thoughts soon lead me to language, any visual stuff, etc. And yes, I'm lefty and I love learning language. It's just so beautiful to listen other's native speaker for whatever their countries are. The way of their expressions, accents, sense and also the body language which are unique.

And well, most people say French is a language of love. I totally agree. It's just the most romantic language ever. It would sound beautiful even when they're talking about murder. LOL. But that's not why I would want to learn french. I just deeply want to visit there enjoy all the corners of that country. Walk down the street--that's how I have to experience Paris. Take the metro. Taste great cuisine. Go to Louvre, concert hall, Disneyland, aahh everything about having a blast!

And, somehow I just dont wanna be turn out into some kind of disabled person when I get lost and dont know what to say. It's because most of french people couldnt speak English--of course because their language is insanely more beautiful. So they would be really friendly and appreciate it as we speak like them.

And there it is, now I've learned it little by little autotidact-ly since junior high school by follow the simple tutorial on internet, watching the movie, listening while singing the song whices really difficult at first ( I love listening to coeur de pirate, nous non plus, Anggun, edith piaf, nora arnezeder ).

And ohh I've just watched Paris 36 whiches released over a year ago--I suddenly found it at GroceryStore's DVD corner. I was just have to see the 'paris' word and without thinking it twice, I grabbed and bought it.
So this is a vintage french musical movie. Singing, dancing, joking, politics, etc. What more could I want? Ah yes.. an accordion. You know some of french movie I've watched were sometimes so quite without music or sound effects whatsoever. So this movie has fulfilled my thirst of french sense. Here's one of my favorite soundtrack :


polyvore-ing when situation's boring.

So one of my insecure moments is coming right away when my senior approached me at campus and asked me to join English speech contest for the Campus Anniversary. At first I creeped out..LOL.
Here's the thing, I do love english but speech*&%???..nah. Never done it before. And I've never joined any on-stage contest since forever; even most of my friends said that I fitted the capability. I just somehow felt flatterred to be choosen over hundreds of students while they dont really know my real ability.
*finger-crossed* I know I should just try and overcome my own fear. Just stand up there and face that hundreds of people who wont eat me. That's just hundreds, not millions. And It still a month ahead so I still have time for preparation. I hope I could say It's no.. big deal. LOL.

babbling quote

Isi otak

I'm running out of idea about posting. My brain's so hectic with traffic full of thoughts. Million thoughts. So I'm going to make a list about what thoughts that complicated on my brain recently :

1. college
I always hoping that I've made a right decision about entering Nutrition Department. Doesn't mean that I regret it. I just thought that it's contradict over my passion. I'm interested in English, Computary, Visual art, and a bit Culinary. Instead of regretting and worrying , I do have great expectations because I know God would have given me the best path.

2. personal college tasks
I never thought being in nutrition department would be easy, until I sat in class on the very first day. I suddenly knew; It's more than just knowing nutritions contained in every food-stuff, guys. Well, It has so much interesting aspects to learn but the hardest thing so far is 'household MENU planning' manually without the software--due on Wednesday.
So I have to calculate my own nutritions daily needs and plan the menu based on them. Struggling with variety numbers of course. It almost fun, though. Wish me a luck!

3. my behaviour
I'm quite a thinker. I often question myself and think about the change. Am I irritating or hot-headed? Have I friendly enough? Do I ? Should I? etc.. I just always thinking about the evolution. I keep the idea of controlling my emotions and stuff. But when the moment 'pushes my button' , somehow the whole idea fades out. I know all that stuff shouldn't be stress about. All I need is practicing and have greater willingness of change.

4. my future
Honestly, sometimes I do worry about my future. It just scares me when the time's ticking real damn fast through me and it makes me wondering, "what I've done?" "which path should I follow?"
I MUST do something. At least a small better change. For me. For my parents. Make them smile. :)

*au revoir

Alice in the wonder-weird-land

Well, time's ticking and Alice in Wonderland movie is coming!
and yesterday would be the premiere day on London. I'm fully craving to see it. Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham-carter also Anne Hathaway have just made me more eager watching it.

I even made a Alice in Wonderland looklet inspired for the strangeness and uniqueness.

The source : here


Selamat Pagi ! Bonjour ! Good Morning !

It's been a week since my last post. At that time, I was been so busy by College, Collage, Doodling project, movie-to-watch, et cetera. It's so hard for updating blog thingy and even facebook or twitter--just looking around without updating :).
Speaking of college, I've already figure out my score (IP) whiches 3,41. Not bad for a start, huh? and thank God that there's no C. I think that's all because I set the goal that quite standard (3,5 ) and It missed 0,9 point. To me,
the score is well enough but I have to--even MUST-- increase it. To be noticed, I am not an ambitious person, folks. I'm just trying to focus on my goal and will let whatever the result shows up. It's all about stay in POSITIVITY.

*au revoir