Happy Sunday Morning !
Here I am. Moving my fingertips over the keyboard while slurping chocolate milk and listening to french songs. What a day !
After days of overwhelmed assignments, surrounded by crowds, and lack-of-entertainment, weekend is what I am totally waiting for.
Sunday is perhaps called the-selfish-day to me. The day that I could have time-quality just for myself. I am a quite of introvert so I OFTEN love spending my time just with me.
But the thing is about BALANCING over everything. When I have too much time among the crowds, of course I need that time of ME. And when I got bored of slouching for days just at home, then I know whom I have to call. It's like a regular weekend when we do things as our routine. And my routine is quite boring but somehow alluring to me--ha ha.

1. Fresh Shower
Just after I woke up, I always do taking a shower. I just can't do anything without finish that business first. Seriously. *tee-hee sounds like I'm sort of a clean freak, but so you know, I am NOT. For most people I know, It might be the least thing to do.

2. On-Line
Obviously! I keep killing my time on it for lots of hours.

3. Music Massage
Music can move my soul. I calmed myself down with it. It's my life saving mentally and physically. It's not always the lyrics, but the music itself, the melody, the rhythm, the chords. I get most of good music recommendations from though.
4. Cloud Parade
I always love to have a sight-seeing over the cloud. Seriously heart-calming! Of course, I choose the right music to tune on.

5. DVD marathon

6. Do doodling
Not an expert but I feel better after I did it !

P.S : I can't put off my earphone that keep playing Dashboard Confessional - Stolen, and also Regina Spektor - The calculation. :D


PES is genius. Love all the details. These motion animations are incredibly awesome. And I couldn't speak a word when I see it. You can see all of PES creative videos in youtube.

jellyjelly beans giveaway

Bonjour !

As I blogwalking around and stopped by mon petite Evita Nuh's magnificient blog, I found that she wanted to give a few lucky followers GIVEAWAY. Actually, it's due tomorrow on April, 17th. You just have to visit this blog right away for a further information !

They are ALL damn COOL and worth-to-have ! But, I have to choose one, whiches this peacock necklace :) So ethnic. And ooh, I also made her kinda-look in LOOKLET. err, hope she likes it.


Have I mentioned you about joining speech contest ?
err.. Two days ago--the day I was scared the hell out--the contest was held, and Alhamdulillah I got the 3rd place as I was also the 3rd contestant ! :)

You know I have this fear of public speaking since I was born. LOL, seriously. I was sort of SUPER SHY as I was barely joined any contest or even just speak up my thoughts. err.
However, as I grew up and already figured out about how I surely have something. Something that helps me reach my dreams and become really the 'part' of the world. *tee-hee

As I also thought about my future, I decided to overcome this fear. First, I started to join the organization at my campus as the secretary---it's the 3rd position. I made quite lots of friends also gained my confidence. Then my campus anniversary came up, I just knew that I had to try the speech contest. I wanted to measure my ability. I wanted to test my sanity while I spoke to public--"would I talk gibberish or puke in front of them?"

For several years I have been complain to myself about my myope eyes, finally there was a moment I was feel so grateful about that. That's because when I was standing on the stage, I could barely saw people--they were really like a blurry statue. LOL. So I could deliver my speech very well--my friends said--for a beginner.

I know it's been a while since my last post. I was just not in a writing mood while I was currently reading THE LOST SYMBOL. Ahh, finally Dan Brown could feed my hungry mind . Full of thrillers & adventures, also lots of new knowledge. I just couldn't take my eyes off the book!

I knew it was already published on September, but I had no time to slouch for lots of hours like these past days. :) Happy Holiday !


Everyone wants HAPPINESS, no one wants PAIN.
But you can't make a RAINBOW, without a little RAIN.