"What I deserve is someone loyal, someone who will be there for me when I really need the support. I deserve someone honest, a person who doesn’t say one thing and then do another. I deserve to feel that I am loved, even if it’s in the middle of an argument and I’m pretty sure they want to punch me in the face because I’m being a heinous asshole, I should still know that beneath the exasperated expression is a person who loves me. I deserve someone who makes me happy more often than they make me sad. I deserve someone who respects me. You, darling reader, deserve all of these things as well. We all do." -- Thought Catalog

Good Crazy

Staying at home for three days straight and the feeling of--as a home lover I hate to say this--bored has gotten into me. That's quite a dangerous word for a person like moi. I mean the person that too busy spending time doing things at home that 24 hours never seems to be enough. 

Well I've graduated from "le busy bee" college recently and so I thought "finally I got time to just slouch comfortably in my bed all day long I wish I'm glued to it!". Now I think that could certainly cause me a backache. And unfortunately.. it is. So Counterpain is my new best friend now along with le laptop :B (Okay It's getting irrelevant).

What I mean is being that great as a couch potato is eventually considered a waste of time. I need to get a job as soon as possible. I need to lessen my parents' worries and start to earn my own money. 
Yes I'm fully aware that this is the 'real life' as soon as I saw the 'welcome sign'. And it's not as easy as eating a piece of cake in order to pass through it. Alive. Hahaha. 
Can I say "challenge accepted" now?  

Cloud Hunting

Dragon-like ?
Snobby cloud


Mr. Sun is smiling widely :D

That's one of my daily activity when the Mr. Bluesky is in a good mood and the clouds are shamelessly showing off. One of those things that boost up my mood almost instantly. One of those things that are perfect for my daydreaming session along with a peaceful playlist. How about you? :D

Our conversation

My brain is so overused it's going to explode immediately. No kidding.
God, I know it's worth to fight. Stay with me.

*update (March, 2nd 2015) : HAHAHAHA. What a drama queen side of me. That was me 'struggling' with final scientific paper. It was only 'meh' compare to the present. Relax, you'll graduate well and have 9 months of free time (jobless) and...you'll finally got a job for a civil service, dear Mudrica of 2012. 

P.S : It is so true that "the only person you should ever compare yourself to is the one you used to be" 


  • Feel excited about Ramadhan and Hari Raya!
  • Wearing hijab. Now and hopefully until the end of time. Finally.
  • In the middle of working my brain off for the scientific paper.
  • Craving for dimsum and a bowl of chicken cream soup :9
  • Being too protective and paranoid over my seemingly exhausted laptop (Because re-install programs and update windows means re-install The Sims 3 and the expansion packs. Nope! I don't want to go through that complicated steps and restart the game all over again)
  • Feel like watching SATC and Grey's Anatomy series. So many catchy quotes and life lessons. Although it has so many steamy scenes. :s
  • In the need of exercising. My body is far away from fit. Seriously.
  • Playing "Pulang" and "Surrender" by Float over and over again. So stuck in my head.
  • Enjoying my single status to the fullest. Less drama more fun!
  • Neglecting this blog for ages. Sorry ;(


This I could call a virtual karaoke with no visual. Just to brag about my lack of music skill, though (I wish I was a composer). I can only enjoy other people's music and not doing anything on my own. So I guess this can be the beginning :p because basically, I covered some artists by using their instrumental song. And the thing is I have no idea how to edit my voice (that I've recorded in my very own little cell phone, yes). So I ran into google and find the software that compatible with my computer (ok I know my windows xp system operation is a lil' bit old fashioned; don't judge me) which is Mixcraft 5.2.

It's quite simple at least for me. You can try it, too. And we can try it together as duet maybe? :)

The Right Call

Would that be an answer from God?
When you pray for your insecure feeling of might or might not getting hurt from your current partner, God keeps him away from you. Like, immediately. He somehow brightened up your mind of logic and faded out your lovingly heart. He shows you the way. The bad clues are everywhere. Would you follow those signs? I would and I'm glad I did. And now it's up for you to make the right call.


This early year I went through was tough. This week is even harder. Yesterday I had my proposal trial done with just 1 day of preparation. Today within a couple of hours, I'll fly to Jakarta for my hospital internship. It's two months away from home. I have had lack of relaxing time just like I used to be done back then. Hope I could catch a break there. Wish me good luck. Cheers!