Boredom knocked my door...

....about few months ago and I've had this idea for a long time. Scrapbook it is! with collages and doodles and writing and art stuff. I just love love anything visually magnificient.So it's like, I literally put out my whole right brain content as much I could. FYI, I post this picture right now because I've just got a scanner already.
So..anyways, in order to make this new cover, I just simply combined all these pictures from magazines. And voila! I've done a real polyvore set.

my cover

too much to what?

When we were kids. It was candy or something else too sweet. We've gotta hid from our parents and ate them until we got toothache. When in high school or college, it was a massive loads of youth fun and also..endless procrastinating. Well, as a college student with a full life assignments cycle, We take as much of the pleasure as we can get, because it doesn’t come around as often as it possibly should be.
As we know, good things aren’t always what they seem. Too much of anything, even love, for God's sake, is not always a good thing.

But, then,

How do you know how much is too much? Too soon? Too much fun? Too much love? Too much to ask? Too much to know?

And when is it all just too much to worry about?

*just saying

alone at the rooftop

Here I am, just made a mix of eargasm-electronic songs. These are, to me, quite suitable when I'm alone (not lonely) in the dark night while sitting on the rooftop, gazing at the sky. Somehow, I feel peace and carried away and heart pounding at the same time.

source :

Beck & Bat For Lashes - Let's Get Lost
Bjork - Pagan Poetry
Chairlift - Planet Health
Editors - No Sound But The Wind
Lykke Li - Paris Blue
Sia - My love
Unkle - Glow
Unkle - With you in my head
We fell to earth - Careful What You Wish For

P.S : I've tried to upload this playlist but there was an epic error happened. I'll try it later, then.

Enter Me !

Ok. Does Law of Attraction really works? Because I always keep this stuff into mind and literally drooling for it. You know not everyone could afford this including me. I tried hard looking for the copy and too bad It's not available in my current city (west borneo). So here it goes. When I tried to buy it online, I found LLYMLRS 's link. She's way too generous to make this uber wow giveaway : Alexa Chung's handbag. The one I've always wanted. I'm excited to the max. Anyways, I guess it's time to count on my lucky-go-happy charm. Because she 'll choose the winner randomly.
Well, In case you wanna join --> here

fast-forwarding life

I've been a wee bit lacking of inspiration recently and I'm pretty overwhelmed too by assignments and textbooks and the fact that I'm (still) staying at dorm. Geez, the rules quite suck. *permission of complaining.
FYI, my graduation still two years ahead. So I'm pretty sure that the more I keep myself busy with everything involving the organization and assignments, the more time flies quick. And indeed it is.
- I joined campus commitee which quite tiring me mentally
- And even the showchoir, I'm such a gleek!
- Drowning myself with sea of textbooks and wikipedia. boo for assignments. *tee-hee
- House marathon from the very 1st episode. makes me feel dizzy for a while.
- Use my dorm room temporarily as a very simple small theater ( campus's projector infocus + speaker + lappy + snacks + pillows) when we had a long lunch break. It turned to be worthy class waiting :)
- Stumbling on tumblr. *purr-fect getaway!
- Drooling at street fashion show on lookbook.
- Figuring out what to post which I clearly had no idea :/
- Wondering why some bloggers have that 'extra-brain-thing' to create post everyday and make it almost always interesting . It's insane due to the fact that they're busier and more capable than I am. oops. LOL. Kidding.

Anyways, I've found this pure genius fantasy-pop-culture paintings book by Mark Ryden. Simply creepy but amazing. I'm wow-ing now.

WARNING: causing sugar high.


This playlist is for songs that are uber sweet--just like sugar--and of course about love and make me grinning ear to ear and want to kiss the first person I see. I know it sounds overrated, but who cares anyway. 

# Anya Marina - Satellite Heart

# Aska Matsumiya - There are many of us

# Carla Bruni - L'amour

# Carla Bruni - Le plus beau du quartier 

# Chairlift - Bruises

# Darius Danesh - Colourblind 

# Imogen Heap - Goodnight and Go 

# Iron and Wine - Flightless bird, american mouth

# Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk - Paperweight

# Kimya Dawson - So nice so smart

# King of Convenience - Love is no Big Truth

# Lisa Mitchell - Coin Laundry

# Meaghan Smith - A little love

# Metric - I'm yours

# Michael Giacchino - Married Life*

# Robin Thicke - The Sweetest Love

# Sixpence None The Richer - There She Goes

# The Bird and the Bee - How deep is your love

# Zee Avi - Bitter Heart

*currently my all time favorite, it's from Up's OST. dont know why it always touch me damn hard and makes me cry everytime I watch the movie.

PS : And oh, so sorry I dont have much time to give you the download link. 


To one who bares 
the sweetest name 
and adds the pleasure 
not the gain 
who shares my joy 
and cheers when sad 
the greatest friend 
i've ever had 
long life to her 
for theres no other 
can take the place 
of my dear mother 
Happy Birthday Mom
source :

make love with nature

What else better than a pure nature..?

These images below are taken by my cameraphone and edited by me via photoscape

DSC04579 copy

DSC04578 copy




I've already got my HOLY-days after struggled and suffered from a tight tense of college exams. Whoohoo. And I gratefully relief that I passed all of them.  I started this college off with the resolution to Have More Moves/Adventures. The boo thing is, I don't even sure if that will work out or not. So everything I do is kinda so-so maybe for you. No adventorous getaway trip. No luxurious treatment. *why it sounds like eww? LOL. Well, all I do is : 
-  Get online in the moment I woke up. I actually wanna do workout. but have to consider the fact that mybro will dominate the cable to play that crap online game after school until the end of the day. *sigh
- ONE PIECE marathon from the very first episode 
- GLEE marathon from the very first episode
- Cuddling my pillow
- Continue working on a scrapbook ( all the torn pieces of magazine need a new home)
- Hang out with buddies:have lunch, get into a photobooth, dressing up, joking around. F.U.N!
- Editing bunch of photos that are on waiting-list. I've just found it interesting and less complicated by using photoscape. One of those bunch :
- Hunting goodies treasures at thrifted stores
- It's not too late to start making a tumblr account. So I made one --> HERE

cha. feed my eyes, please.

This kid is totally has 'superb-genius-something' in her mind. I somehow got bunch of inspirations from her. Anyways, I've just joined her 2nd giveaways which is the O-M-G holyfashion book "teenvogue handbook" !!

oh my, gimme that :(


Meaghan Smith-A little love is currently on air whispering me some swingy tunes. Hmmh, a little break-off from huge pile of hand-outs awaiting me for a week ahead. Aha, something so-creepy-i-wanna-puke called final semester exam. All I want is to skip this two weeks by getting hybernated *teehee. Hell no, forget it. That thought is so wasted and makes me be ungrateful person. Anyways, all I can do I now is just deal with it whether It would cause my brain to explode or my eyes getting dehydrate (lack of yummy vision). Ooh, how I miss watching onepiece 'marathon'ly, do screwing around and get wasted--in a pleasure way. But, that time will be soon enough I suppose because I'll get my holiday for 2 months. I desperately can't wait for that. 
Wait, I've gotta finish absorbing college materials. ASAP. So retardedly nerd is ooon the mood. :) Stay on track. Stay Healthy.

my tummy scream for this

my signature

Strawberry Giggles : Eiffel Necklace

Since I am so uninspired lately, my neighbor blogger, Nitya, invited me to join her giveaway. She has a sweet blog actually, and I love her attitude, too. Anyways, about the giveaway itself, she would like to give Eiffel Necklace by forever21. Gosh, how I love everything about Paris. *crossfinger&hope.That's why I feel so excited to give my opinion about long-lasting relationship for her. You know what, she's getting married by this end of year. Congrats! 

on hiatus

Hello my dear cocoon.

Sorry. I'm feeling so uninspired recently.

Gotta finish lots of dead beat assignments. Rawr.



Not much moves happened today. I stayed at home. The cloud's moody as the sun's hiding out of nowhere, so they made the lolled-atmoshpere hung over me. Not literally of course. He-he. Anyways, there are plenty things that cheer me up today. So here comes the list :

#1 A lot like love (re-watch)


I always love Ashton for every single movie he was played, especially in romantic comedy. He was just so hilarious as he acted geekly in this movie. Also charming as always. I laughed and cried occasionally because of this movie. It's romantically beautiful. And fu-haha-nny. Especially when Amanda hit the door and ashton-serenade-amanda part. Well, don't forget the soundtrack because it absolutely stucks in my mind; Aqualung-Brighter than sunshine, Smashmouth-Walkin on the sun, also Third eye blind-Semi charmed life.

#2 Fantastic Mr. Fox (re-watch)

I love animation movie, especially the stop motion one (I mentioned that before). And this charming oldschool Fantastic did feed my eyes for countless joyous visual orgasms. What I found, somehow on this film was oldschool, quirky, witty, and unique. I laughed and stunned a lot and I've already watched it more than 5 times.  SUPERB! SUPERB! Thanks Wes Anderson! It surpassed my expectations. You did a very excellent job.

*Just in case if you are wondering how they perfectly made it

#3 Some uberly creatives vids

#4 Kaskus's threads
Spend lots of hours read most of them. Got many kewl facts, interesting ideas, shocking news and stuff.
Surprised by familiar sound that would creep me out at night. Then when I checked it, I somehow, stunned by this baby brown owl. And I fell in love for his total cuteness. Ha-ha. I named him OWIG. Quite have a rhyme with hedwig. Anyway, sorry I haven't got any time for getting his pic because of the fact that my dad kept him in the dark spot. Maybe next time. This pic below might help, but owig is smaller.
#5 popout eggPie
My dad just came from work and brought us egg pie, just when I've thought about that earlier. I didn't even ask him. wow. Seems that our peculiar radar worked out instantly. *he-he

greeny good escape

To me, there's nothing more exquisite than nature. Or outdoors. Or anything that feeds my eyes in a perfectly natural way. Oh you won't know how itchy I am to grab and capture everyhing I see with bloody great LSR camera.  But for now, as I dont want to complicate anything financial with my dad, I'll just go get one myself.  So, right now, I still have to rely on my handy camera phone and my shallow photoshop skill for at least making your eyes comfort :grinning: well,please pardon my not-so-satisfied quality image, guys.  

Well, back to few days ago. Just after long-hours of college-ing which made me want to puke, my dormmates asked me to visit a golf field nearby our dorm. They just wanted to take some photos and else. But to me, it's really an unexpectedly sweet escape. At first, I hesitated considering that it doesn't open for public--especially for wacky public like us, he-he--until I saw some dudes played kites and kids tried to swing the golf stick. I was curious about where the caddies are. Then soon I realized that the kid = caddy. That's so err...but they seem to enjoy it while they could play around. That's fair enough. 

Oh, btw about the field, like I always imagine, large green savanna with bunch of trees, small lake, and blue skies. I really enjoyed lying down on the grass. I was feeling so high even the itch from the grass didn't bother me at all. 

Not so into it


I'm just still not certain about what I should write or post. Truthfully, everyone seems to be so into hosting on fashion blogs, hey I'm no way fashionista. I just love it visually--for now. My parents dont happen to be superrich so I couldn't afford fancy shoes or branded bags whatsoever. Someday, when I grow up and earn loads of money, I will fill up my closet with everything I wanted. EVERYTHING. :)

Just so you know, I love arts and all creative stuffs. I love music, movie, photography and drawing and all sorts of visual arts. Fashion is one of visual art, I guess.  And one thing for sure of all my favorites is about beauty. I love playing looklet just rely on my sense of balancing composition. tee-hee. I love magazine just wondering how to make it eye-catching with beauty layouts and pictures. I sometimes imagine myself working in magazine. I hope. I hope.

Anyways, even though I couldn't afford to host an fabolous fashion blog, please don't get bored with my babbling thoughts or my everyday life. Because I love browsing so bad, I often find some awesome things about everything. Then, I soon post it and inform to you so I hope make you feel inspired. So, thanks a bunch for your visit and sweet comments, fellas. 

*I have 3 days break from college and I'm very enthusiastic about it. I'd have so much time for stretching my brain :) Happy holiday.


I extremely straight-forward fell in love as I watched this short love story just by the trailer. "I'm Here" is directed by Spike Jonze.

This whole movie is about bittersweet love of two robots that so unique yet heart-melted. Beautiful is all I can say. I just love the mellow-romantic atmosphere that Jonze created. I also love how the soundtrack fit perfectly among the scenes. Romantic. So lovely with the tones, the moods, the everything. Damn fenomenal. I completely make this as the best short movie I've ever seen. :) And I haven't felt this emotionally attached to a pair of robots before. 

But, unfortunately this movie has 35 minutes length. I want more, please!

Here's the trailer : 

I suggest you to watch the full streaming movie on

I love the idea of the "online-cinema". It makes this movie special in a way.

P.S : you should love love the soundtrack,too. Aska Matsumiya - There are many of us. click here to download. I listen to it overandover until I fall asleep. 


Currently listening to OST.500 days of summer that actually keeps me sane. As I've mentioned before, my life's been pretty busy with assignments and tests and other college thingy. So this blog has been suffering from neglect. *sorry :(
We all know that this world is restless. Most people in motion and sick of all their same routines. But somehow I don't feel the same. I can tell that I am fully-blessed and enjoy almost every moments. I enjoy my hectic college schedule simply just by looking out of window--the view's just eyeworthy without tall building surrounded. :) 




Also, have a warm conversation with classmates--just to get to know each other better. Or..doodling ! It's full of blast even I'm still beginner. tee-hee 

Anyways, the point is, I almost always know how to kill my boredom. When there comes the bad moment--so that the boredom would beat me right down and I have NO idea what to do-- I would end up doing NOTHING but listening to my own running thoughts with empty stare. doh!

All I have to do

Stop being so sarcastic and


Happy Sunday Morning !
Here I am. Moving my fingertips over the keyboard while slurping chocolate milk and listening to french songs. What a day !
After days of overwhelmed assignments, surrounded by crowds, and lack-of-entertainment, weekend is what I am totally waiting for.
Sunday is perhaps called the-selfish-day to me. The day that I could have time-quality just for myself. I am a quite of introvert so I OFTEN love spending my time just with me.
But the thing is about BALANCING over everything. When I have too much time among the crowds, of course I need that time of ME. And when I got bored of slouching for days just at home, then I know whom I have to call. It's like a regular weekend when we do things as our routine. And my routine is quite boring but somehow alluring to me--ha ha.

1. Fresh Shower
Just after I woke up, I always do taking a shower. I just can't do anything without finish that business first. Seriously. *tee-hee sounds like I'm sort of a clean freak, but so you know, I am NOT. For most people I know, It might be the least thing to do.

2. On-Line
Obviously! I keep killing my time on it for lots of hours.

3. Music Massage
Music can move my soul. I calmed myself down with it. It's my life saving mentally and physically. It's not always the lyrics, but the music itself, the melody, the rhythm, the chords. I get most of good music recommendations from though.
4. Cloud Parade
I always love to have a sight-seeing over the cloud. Seriously heart-calming! Of course, I choose the right music to tune on.

5. DVD marathon

6. Do doodling
Not an expert but I feel better after I did it !

P.S : I can't put off my earphone that keep playing Dashboard Confessional - Stolen, and also Regina Spektor - The calculation. :D


PES is genius. Love all the details. These motion animations are incredibly awesome. And I couldn't speak a word when I see it. You can see all of PES creative videos in youtube.

jellyjelly beans giveaway

Bonjour !

As I blogwalking around and stopped by mon petite Evita Nuh's magnificient blog, I found that she wanted to give a few lucky followers GIVEAWAY. Actually, it's due tomorrow on April, 17th. You just have to visit this blog right away for a further information !

They are ALL damn COOL and worth-to-have ! But, I have to choose one, whiches this peacock necklace :) So ethnic. And ooh, I also made her kinda-look in LOOKLET. err, hope she likes it.


Have I mentioned you about joining speech contest ?
err.. Two days ago--the day I was scared the hell out--the contest was held, and Alhamdulillah I got the 3rd place as I was also the 3rd contestant ! :)

You know I have this fear of public speaking since I was born. LOL, seriously. I was sort of SUPER SHY as I was barely joined any contest or even just speak up my thoughts. err.
However, as I grew up and already figured out about how I surely have something. Something that helps me reach my dreams and become really the 'part' of the world. *tee-hee

As I also thought about my future, I decided to overcome this fear. First, I started to join the organization at my campus as the secretary---it's the 3rd position. I made quite lots of friends also gained my confidence. Then my campus anniversary came up, I just knew that I had to try the speech contest. I wanted to measure my ability. I wanted to test my sanity while I spoke to public--"would I talk gibberish or puke in front of them?"

For several years I have been complain to myself about my myope eyes, finally there was a moment I was feel so grateful about that. That's because when I was standing on the stage, I could barely saw people--they were really like a blurry statue. LOL. So I could deliver my speech very well--my friends said--for a beginner.

I know it's been a while since my last post. I was just not in a writing mood while I was currently reading THE LOST SYMBOL. Ahh, finally Dan Brown could feed my hungry mind . Full of thrillers & adventures, also lots of new knowledge. I just couldn't take my eyes off the book!

I knew it was already published on September, but I had no time to slouch for lots of hours like these past days. :) Happy Holiday !


Everyone wants HAPPINESS, no one wants PAIN.
But you can't make a RAINBOW, without a little RAIN.


When the book said that left-hander has a right-brain dominance, my thoughts soon lead me to language, any visual stuff, etc. And yes, I'm lefty and I love learning language. It's just so beautiful to listen other's native speaker for whatever their countries are. The way of their expressions, accents, sense and also the body language which are unique.

And well, most people say French is a language of love. I totally agree. It's just the most romantic language ever. It would sound beautiful even when they're talking about murder. LOL. But that's not why I would want to learn french. I just deeply want to visit there enjoy all the corners of that country. Walk down the street--that's how I have to experience Paris. Take the metro. Taste great cuisine. Go to Louvre, concert hall, Disneyland, aahh everything about having a blast!

And, somehow I just dont wanna be turn out into some kind of disabled person when I get lost and dont know what to say. It's because most of french people couldnt speak English--of course because their language is insanely more beautiful. So they would be really friendly and appreciate it as we speak like them.

And there it is, now I've learned it little by little autotidact-ly since junior high school by follow the simple tutorial on internet, watching the movie, listening while singing the song whices really difficult at first ( I love listening to coeur de pirate, nous non plus, Anggun, edith piaf, nora arnezeder ).

And ohh I've just watched Paris 36 whiches released over a year ago--I suddenly found it at GroceryStore's DVD corner. I was just have to see the 'paris' word and without thinking it twice, I grabbed and bought it.
So this is a vintage french musical movie. Singing, dancing, joking, politics, etc. What more could I want? Ah yes.. an accordion. You know some of french movie I've watched were sometimes so quite without music or sound effects whatsoever. So this movie has fulfilled my thirst of french sense. Here's one of my favorite soundtrack :


polyvore-ing when situation's boring.

So one of my insecure moments is coming right away when my senior approached me at campus and asked me to join English speech contest for the Campus Anniversary. At first I creeped out..LOL.
Here's the thing, I do love english but speech*&%???..nah. Never done it before. And I've never joined any on-stage contest since forever; even most of my friends said that I fitted the capability. I just somehow felt flatterred to be choosen over hundreds of students while they dont really know my real ability.
*finger-crossed* I know I should just try and overcome my own fear. Just stand up there and face that hundreds of people who wont eat me. That's just hundreds, not millions. And It still a month ahead so I still have time for preparation. I hope I could say It's no.. big deal. LOL.

babbling quote

Isi otak

I'm running out of idea about posting. My brain's so hectic with traffic full of thoughts. Million thoughts. So I'm going to make a list about what thoughts that complicated on my brain recently :

1. college
I always hoping that I've made a right decision about entering Nutrition Department. Doesn't mean that I regret it. I just thought that it's contradict over my passion. I'm interested in English, Computary, Visual art, and a bit Culinary. Instead of regretting and worrying , I do have great expectations because I know God would have given me the best path.

2. personal college tasks
I never thought being in nutrition department would be easy, until I sat in class on the very first day. I suddenly knew; It's more than just knowing nutritions contained in every food-stuff, guys. Well, It has so much interesting aspects to learn but the hardest thing so far is 'household MENU planning' manually without the software--due on Wednesday.
So I have to calculate my own nutritions daily needs and plan the menu based on them. Struggling with variety numbers of course. It almost fun, though. Wish me a luck!

3. my behaviour
I'm quite a thinker. I often question myself and think about the change. Am I irritating or hot-headed? Have I friendly enough? Do I ? Should I? etc.. I just always thinking about the evolution. I keep the idea of controlling my emotions and stuff. But when the moment 'pushes my button' , somehow the whole idea fades out. I know all that stuff shouldn't be stress about. All I need is practicing and have greater willingness of change.

4. my future
Honestly, sometimes I do worry about my future. It just scares me when the time's ticking real damn fast through me and it makes me wondering, "what I've done?" "which path should I follow?"
I MUST do something. At least a small better change. For me. For my parents. Make them smile. :)

*au revoir

Alice in the wonder-weird-land

Well, time's ticking and Alice in Wonderland movie is coming!
and yesterday would be the premiere day on London. I'm fully craving to see it. Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham-carter also Anne Hathaway have just made me more eager watching it.

I even made a Alice in Wonderland looklet inspired for the strangeness and uniqueness.

The source : here


Selamat Pagi ! Bonjour ! Good Morning !

It's been a week since my last post. At that time, I was been so busy by College, Collage, Doodling project, movie-to-watch, et cetera. It's so hard for updating blog thingy and even facebook or twitter--just looking around without updating :).
Speaking of college, I've already figure out my score (IP) whiches 3,41. Not bad for a start, huh? and thank God that there's no C. I think that's all because I set the goal that quite standard (3,5 ) and It missed 0,9 point. To me,
the score is well enough but I have to--even MUST-- increase it. To be noticed, I am not an ambitious person, folks. I'm just trying to focus on my goal and will let whatever the result shows up. It's all about stay in POSITIVITY.

*au revoir

collages of moi

Vintage popart I guess. And I heart it much with the colors and its composition. All I've done just bring all the backgrounds and the cut-outs picture in a what-so-called COLLAGE. It's one of my favorite things to do, though. Well, I've started to make it since juniorhighschool. I cut random posters from many different mags and put it all together on the wall. But, I already remove them. It's soo last century. LOL. So I've planned to make new one since 3 months ago but it became real just few days ago. It's all because when I found Polyvore. It's the simplest way to make collage even better !! And when I got bored with that, I simply recognized my neglected real-to-make collage. LOL.

Whoop! Finally, my mission accomplished. I finished the 3 wall collages after producing a lot sweats--new way to exercise. It costs quite much energy because it needs a lot of moves. Also it needs our right-brain to put them all together on the right composition. Well, maybe mine is not really in a good composition. But I am pleased enough. And relieved. These pictures below has taken a few minutes ago with my mum's camera phone. So, they arent in a good quality even after I've touched them up with Photoshop. Sorry. -_-".

P.S : The last collage was the hardest because it's huge. Seriously. And it was collapsed. Twice. So I had to start it over again. Added a lot more tapes to be sticked perfectly. Now I am pleased and satisfied. :)

Alma short animation movie

so interesting and cute and also creepy :3

quoting quote

"It opens the lungs, washes the countenance, exercises the eyes, and softens down the temper... so cry away" --idontknow

walking on a dream

Hey yooo, people :D It's been a great day, isn't it??? How's your dream?? Mine's great. You know what. I had a dream about OBAMA! he talked to me. In English. But I forgot. All that I noticed was wondering how tall he is. tee-hee* :D
I don't know what it means but I'm quite sure that's a good sign. Perhaps. I hope. And..ohh.. I've ever dreamed about Soekarno (1st Indonesian's great President) and also Pope (former pope that have already died). So what's that suppossed to mean? Am I gonna be a leader?-- whiches not sooo me. hmmmph. curious curious. But, one thing I've noticed is :

P.S : Omg omg.. right now I'm experiencing dejavu, guys. RIGHT NOW. This dream is about a month ago. And I truly remember told this to my friend. Haha. What a dreamer.