Touch of Evil

I have been mesmerized by these Alex Prager's video galleries of this year's biggest actors chanelling the greatest cinematic villains. If you want to see Brad Pitt as Eraserhead, Gary Oldman as the menacing dummy, or even the innocent Mia Wasikowska as the Home Wrecker, which surprisingly brilliant--I think she's the best of all but well, after Gary Oldman of course-- you can watch them all here.

They're all simply short, yet have a magic quality that blew your mind, because they're technically moving photographs. So, you might wanna check them out they're epic.

Before Reality Bites

Never been this peaceful recently. With the rain drumming on the roof and Francoise Hardy caressing my ear. And yes, here I am, munchin' on Eid's leftover cookies and end it up with a sip of cheap soda. Gratefully with no reason to worry whatsoever. Secure. No work. No assignment marathon. Just as simple as that. You know at least I still have few days before my reality bites. :-)

So how's your holy holiday people? Wow, sounds great. And Moi? Well you know. Same old, same old. No surprise. *I'm still in the hope-of-being-paid-treveler though*

Some random activities

It's a cliche, but at least for now, I really am grateful to be surrounded by the people I heart the most. Kinda relief to have this content feeling, though. Seriously. I hope I could stop the world from moving for a while.


Catching up a bit

Anyway I've been missing blogging since ages, but I didn't really have enough time to post anything (read: lazed around). Well, these past two months were completely filled with uptight college schedule; exams, final assignment, early research paper proposal,etc. My brain was tense and hectic enough to blow up by a single poke. Seriously. Joking.

On top of that, there's an issue with the gadget. I don't know. I just have no frickin idea about how fragile my laptop is. You know, I've told you before that few buttons on my keyboard has broken since I dont even remember. And, it's getting worse that all the buttons are screwed up so I must replace the whole board into the new one *sigh*. Quite expensive by the fact that I could have get it fixable earlier *another sigh* Oh I felt so bad.

Okay, enough with the fussy and whiny talk. It might bores you to the max.

Just so you know, I'm on two months of my break from college now. I had absolutely no holiday plan as my wallet is barely alive *sarcastic laugh*. Of course you might find me lie on the couch while staring at the screen all day long. Or I might realize there's still plenty things I could've done. I mean sort of "get a life!" activities outside tv series marathon watching and browsing and game onlining.

P.S: Ramadhan has just started and I must ensure myself to be a better prayer and also as a person.

P.S.S: I know this draft is a month late. I know. Peace out!


Needless to say because a picture worth thousand words, anyway.

P.S : I'm sorry for being such a lazy little blogger
, people. My keyboard crashes I couldnt use enter backspace and colon and I'm using this on-screen frickin keyboard right now.

Solitude is Bliss!

Another kinda Mixed Tape for those who are currently not in the mood of messing around with Mr. relationship. Yet, wanna keep serious stuff for later. :3

(via tumblr)

Allo Darlin - If Loneliness was Art
Arcade Fire - Cold Wind
Get Set Go - Hate
Hurts - Better Than Love
Inara George - Fools in Love
Nouvelle Vague - This is Not a Love Song
Pylon - Stop It
Razorlight - Who Needs Love
Tame Impala - Solitude is Bliss
The Radio Dept. - I Don't Need Love, I've Got My Band

Well, to me, company's okay. But solitude is bliss. (at least for now!) Anyhow, you can listen this mixtape via my 8tracks account. And If you have any Internet Download Manager, you can simply download the songs :-]

My so-called Confession

Communication. It’s the first simple thing that we really learn in our life. However, the funny thing is once we grow up bigger, and really start talking, the trickier it becomes to know what to say. Or, how to ask for what we really want…
This situation must be familiar, right? Because it does happening in most people, including me. You know, I maybe not a people person to everyone. I just don't know what to say or do when it comes the insecure feeling towards my insecure surroundings. Sometimes, I got so many thoughts and emotions that about to burst in my head. Then, I cant deliver it right. So they may think I'm an awkward, then.. start making a fun of me. And all I could do is just laugh along with them. But deep inside, I know that they're literally laughing at me. hah.
Actually, I just don't have any idea about how to yell or complain to that 'insecure surroundings'. Seriously, I often scream to myself. The words are all around my head and when they got into my tongue, err..
In the other way, I could be the friendliest person. I could be a chatty one for hours. I could be hilarious and etcetra If I get around with the 'right' group. But still..awkward and a bit sarcastic, though. *evil laugh*
"At the end of the day, there are some things you just can’t help but talk about.
Some things, we just don’t want to hear. And some things we say because we can’t be silent any longer. Some things are more than what you say. They’re what you do. Some things you say because there’s no other choice. Some things, you keep to yourself."
"And not too often, but every now and then… some things simply speak for themselves." -- Grey's Anatomy season 2's monologue

Current YAY/NAY

Now my fingers feel like dancing, not only with keyboard but also with stationery. Since I have no idea what to post--because I am no way a gifted writer--I decided to make a likes/dislikes list just like Cassandra Niki did. Anyhow, I call it yay/nay list *tee-hee.

- All green field
- Cheese
- Darkness. Just moon & stars
- Hugs & cuddles
- Massages
- Paris
- Pasta
- Rhyme
- Sims (All version)
- Sunflower
- Surprises
- Thrifting
- TV series

- Any kind of smoke
- Bullshits
- Dusty things
- Got cheated
- No good food
- Plastic
- Pungent fragrance
- "request timed out" error message
- Spoiler!

Tell me what's yours,eh?


Bonsoir, this is gonna be a quickie hi post because I'm currently in the middle of my final semester exam now. I should have been studied, I know. Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead, The Amazing Race and America's Next Top Model still haunting me.
Also these songs literally stuck in my head. You must listen. It's darn lovely. And oh, Erin McCarley is my muse now. Her songs kinda Spektor-Bareilles.:3

Anyways, I still have few drafts to be publish soon after the exam. I think I should hit the hand-outs and textbooks. So there'll be no more procrastinating, okay. Wish me great luck, dear lovely people!

Blisfully geek...

How's it sounds,eh? like I am an awkward?
Whatever just keep your opinion in mind because to me, this blog title sounds better and represents me more than "choco cookie stuck in my tummy". I also change the layout, too. Although it has less character, I'm just trying to make it cleaner on your eyes.
Err, do you think the header is good enough? Well, to me it's good but I'm not sure about the width size. It's a bit rough, I know. I just wanna keep it natural and simple.

FYI, the picture was one of my scrapbook project. I chose eye-catching 'cut outs' from my old magazines and I simply glued them together. And I have to say that it's a fun way to recycle something, especially when you're obviously an amateur crafty girl and get bored to the bone. But I'd love to become a pro one someday because I've just found this awesome web about DIY magazine project. GO check it out and try one. It has loads of projects and also how to do them -->

And oh, I guess I've done the blog makeover faster than I expected before, huh? I thought I'd have no time due to final exam, but somehow I'm having a week-off college. Cool. And that would make me a better couch potato person. Crap.

back to basic

the blog is officially...

I feel like making the most of basic things. So I've done revert the blog's background into a plain white. Now, me, still figuring out about the new header. Maybe I'll make something handwritten and scan it. And oh, the sidebar looks pretty messed up, too (gotta upgrade the links and stuff). I promise I'll do that right after my final exam on early February.

Au revoir :O