greeny good escape

To me, there's nothing more exquisite than nature. Or outdoors. Or anything that feeds my eyes in a perfectly natural way. Oh you won't know how itchy I am to grab and capture everyhing I see with bloody great LSR camera.  But for now, as I dont want to complicate anything financial with my dad, I'll just go get one myself.  So, right now, I still have to rely on my handy camera phone and my shallow photoshop skill for at least making your eyes comfort :grinning: well,please pardon my not-so-satisfied quality image, guys.  

Well, back to few days ago. Just after long-hours of college-ing which made me want to puke, my dormmates asked me to visit a golf field nearby our dorm. They just wanted to take some photos and else. But to me, it's really an unexpectedly sweet escape. At first, I hesitated considering that it doesn't open for public--especially for wacky public like us, he-he--until I saw some dudes played kites and kids tried to swing the golf stick. I was curious about where the caddies are. Then soon I realized that the kid = caddy. That's so err...but they seem to enjoy it while they could play around. That's fair enough. 

Oh, btw about the field, like I always imagine, large green savanna with bunch of trees, small lake, and blue skies. I really enjoyed lying down on the grass. I was feeling so high even the itch from the grass didn't bother me at all. 

Not so into it


I'm just still not certain about what I should write or post. Truthfully, everyone seems to be so into hosting on fashion blogs, hey I'm no way fashionista. I just love it visually--for now. My parents dont happen to be superrich so I couldn't afford fancy shoes or branded bags whatsoever. Someday, when I grow up and earn loads of money, I will fill up my closet with everything I wanted. EVERYTHING. :)

Just so you know, I love arts and all creative stuffs. I love music, movie, photography and drawing and all sorts of visual arts. Fashion is one of visual art, I guess.  And one thing for sure of all my favorites is about beauty. I love playing looklet just rely on my sense of balancing composition. tee-hee. I love magazine just wondering how to make it eye-catching with beauty layouts and pictures. I sometimes imagine myself working in magazine. I hope. I hope.

Anyways, even though I couldn't afford to host an fabolous fashion blog, please don't get bored with my babbling thoughts or my everyday life. Because I love browsing so bad, I often find some awesome things about everything. Then, I soon post it and inform to you so I hope make you feel inspired. So, thanks a bunch for your visit and sweet comments, fellas. 

*I have 3 days break from college and I'm very enthusiastic about it. I'd have so much time for stretching my brain :) Happy holiday.


I extremely straight-forward fell in love as I watched this short love story just by the trailer. "I'm Here" is directed by Spike Jonze.

This whole movie is about bittersweet love of two robots that so unique yet heart-melted. Beautiful is all I can say. I just love the mellow-romantic atmosphere that Jonze created. I also love how the soundtrack fit perfectly among the scenes. Romantic. So lovely with the tones, the moods, the everything. Damn fenomenal. I completely make this as the best short movie I've ever seen. :) And I haven't felt this emotionally attached to a pair of robots before. 

But, unfortunately this movie has 35 minutes length. I want more, please!

Here's the trailer : 

I suggest you to watch the full streaming movie on

I love the idea of the "online-cinema". It makes this movie special in a way.

P.S : you should love love the soundtrack,too. Aska Matsumiya - There are many of us. click here to download. I listen to it overandover until I fall asleep. 


Currently listening to OST.500 days of summer that actually keeps me sane. As I've mentioned before, my life's been pretty busy with assignments and tests and other college thingy. So this blog has been suffering from neglect. *sorry :(
We all know that this world is restless. Most people in motion and sick of all their same routines. But somehow I don't feel the same. I can tell that I am fully-blessed and enjoy almost every moments. I enjoy my hectic college schedule simply just by looking out of window--the view's just eyeworthy without tall building surrounded. :) 




Also, have a warm conversation with classmates--just to get to know each other better. Or..doodling ! It's full of blast even I'm still beginner. tee-hee 

Anyways, the point is, I almost always know how to kill my boredom. When there comes the bad moment--so that the boredom would beat me right down and I have NO idea what to do-- I would end up doing NOTHING but listening to my own running thoughts with empty stare. doh!

All I have to do

Stop being so sarcastic and