Tomorrow may be the first time for me to live at a place called dorm. It's not way too far from home actually. I've told you the reason before why I decided live in dorm.
ooh, how I will miss my comfy room and my mum's delicieux cook :)
So life goes on, people. Let's move our butt out of comfort zone. yayy!

P.S : Just so you know the picture above just an illustration that I got from *here :)

Long Hiatus

hey hey y'all. It's quite long hiatus, right? maybe around 3 weeks. Whooa,I miss blogging so much. It's all because I was so busy and overwhelmed with matriculation at my new college. It was like almost everyday we got pre-test about science subject. Besides, It's fasting month so my energy level ran down damn quick. Well then when I got home, my lil' comfy bed waited for me. So i did nothin but sleep,hehe. After break fasting, I refreshed my mind by making collages at Polyvore.com whiches really fascinating.

But didn't took so long coz I had to study and review back the materials that would be tested on the following day. And all that same routines would happened over and over again from September 7th until September 17th whiches very close to Aidil Fitri day,huhu. But I have to keep my mind and spirit on fire also do my best to be a good Nutritionist someday. Btw, I'm so regret for not doing any improvement on act of devotion in this holy month. I promise, I will on the next year.

*au revoir!