Catching up a bit

Anyway I've been missing blogging since ages, but I didn't really have enough time to post anything (read: lazed around). Well, these past two months were completely filled with uptight college schedule; exams, final assignment, early research paper proposal,etc. My brain was tense and hectic enough to blow up by a single poke. Seriously. Joking.

On top of that, there's an issue with the gadget. I don't know. I just have no frickin idea about how fragile my laptop is. You know, I've told you before that few buttons on my keyboard has broken since I dont even remember. And, it's getting worse that all the buttons are screwed up so I must replace the whole board into the new one *sigh*. Quite expensive by the fact that I could have get it fixable earlier *another sigh* Oh I felt so bad.

Okay, enough with the fussy and whiny talk. It might bores you to the max.

Just so you know, I'm on two months of my break from college now. I had absolutely no holiday plan as my wallet is barely alive *sarcastic laugh*. Of course you might find me lie on the couch while staring at the screen all day long. Or I might realize there's still plenty things I could've done. I mean sort of "get a life!" activities outside tv series marathon watching and browsing and game onlining.

P.S: Ramadhan has just started and I must ensure myself to be a better prayer and also as a person.

P.S.S: I know this draft is a month late. I know. Peace out!