Fresh-graduated !

Hey, folks !! long time no post, wheww. It's all because I've been so over-whelmed with college activities Well, now I'm not a high school student anymore. It was great. The Highschool. All of the joyness, stupidity, final-exam-paranoid and ridiculous drama. Gosh, I will M I S S that so hard.
I am now as a Nutrition's college student. It's quite large and also has complete facilitations. takes more than 30 minutes to get there from home, and I am such a sloucher to get up so early in the morning. Haha. But..actually the biggest problem is..that I couldnt make it there by myself. My dad has even bought me motorbike and I named it 'B i m a', lol because it's an abbreviation from Red Beat (one of the bike's brand whiches in Indonesia means Beat Merah). But I'm not really good on riding it. When the other's truck or bike came up near me, It'd be scare the-hell-out-of-me. Sounds lame,huh? :D my friends often say that to support me.
You know I'm really tryin hard to overcome this fear. Really. The paranoid just beat me damn hard. I have that will. The will to become INDEPENDENT. I have the gut but my muscles cant even move. Oh, what a shame lol. But dont think that I hate myself. It's just the part of growing up. :) Call it cliche, but I'm still use this powerful word :

Back to the topic guys..., so I decided to live temporarily at dormitory with my highschool fellas. Hemm, quite large and hope it could be homey for me ::fingercrossed::

P.S : please, wish me luck for not crashing anything around when I'm riding C:

*au revoir!

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