Meaghan Smith-A little love is currently on air whispering me some swingy tunes. Hmmh, a little break-off from huge pile of hand-outs awaiting me for a week ahead. Aha, something so-creepy-i-wanna-puke called final semester exam. All I want is to skip this two weeks by getting hybernated *teehee. Hell no, forget it. That thought is so wasted and makes me be ungrateful person. Anyways, all I can do I now is just deal with it whether It would cause my brain to explode or my eyes getting dehydrate (lack of yummy vision). Ooh, how I miss watching onepiece 'marathon'ly, do screwing around and get wasted--in a pleasure way. But, that time will be soon enough I suppose because I'll get my holiday for 2 months. I desperately can't wait for that. 
Wait, I've gotta finish absorbing college materials. ASAP. So retardedly nerd is ooon the mood. :) Stay on track. Stay Healthy.

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