I've already got my HOLY-days after struggled and suffered from a tight tense of college exams. Whoohoo. And I gratefully relief that I passed all of them.  I started this college off with the resolution to Have More Moves/Adventures. The boo thing is, I don't even sure if that will work out or not. So everything I do is kinda so-so maybe for you. No adventorous getaway trip. No luxurious treatment. *why it sounds like eww? LOL. Well, all I do is : 
-  Get online in the moment I woke up. I actually wanna do workout. but have to consider the fact that mybro will dominate the cable to play that crap online game after school until the end of the day. *sigh
- ONE PIECE marathon from the very first episode 
- GLEE marathon from the very first episode
- Cuddling my pillow
- Continue working on a scrapbook ( all the torn pieces of magazine need a new home)
- Hang out with buddies:have lunch, get into a photobooth, dressing up, joking around. F.U.N!
- Editing bunch of photos that are on waiting-list. I've just found it interesting and less complicated by using photoscape. One of those bunch :
- Hunting goodies treasures at thrifted stores
- It's not too late to start making a tumblr account. So I made one --> HERE

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Pop Champagne said...

Glee is a fun show to watch. and lately I've been so lazy to work out haha