Before Reality Bites

Never been this peaceful recently. With the rain drumming on the roof and Francoise Hardy caressing my ear. And yes, here I am, munchin' on Eid's leftover cookies and end it up with a sip of cheap soda. Gratefully with no reason to worry whatsoever. Secure. No work. No assignment marathon. Just as simple as that. You know at least I still have few days before my reality bites. :-)

So how's your holy holiday people? Wow, sounds great. And Moi? Well you know. Same old, same old. No surprise. *I'm still in the hope-of-being-paid-treveler though*

Some random activities

It's a cliche, but at least for now, I really am grateful to be surrounded by the people I heart the most. Kinda relief to have this content feeling, though. Seriously. I hope I could stop the world from moving for a while.


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Karina Oktriastra said...

happy birthdayyy :*
wish you all the best in the world