Good Crazy

Staying at home for three days straight and the feeling of--as a home lover I hate to say this--bored has gotten into me. That's quite a dangerous word for a person like moi. I mean the person that too busy spending time doing things at home that 24 hours never seems to be enough. 

Well I've graduated from "le busy bee" college recently and so I thought "finally I got time to just slouch comfortably in my bed all day long I wish I'm glued to it!". Now I think that could certainly cause me a backache. And unfortunately.. it is. So Counterpain is my new best friend now along with le laptop :B (Okay It's getting irrelevant).

What I mean is being that great as a couch potato is eventually considered a waste of time. I need to get a job as soon as possible. I need to lessen my parents' worries and start to earn my own money. 
Yes I'm fully aware that this is the 'real life' as soon as I saw the 'welcome sign'. And it's not as easy as eating a piece of cake in order to pass through it. Alive. Hahaha. 
Can I say "challenge accepted" now?  

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AVY said...

"Challenge accepted", I just love that phrase.