Happy Sunday Morning !
Here I am. Moving my fingertips over the keyboard while slurping chocolate milk and listening to french songs. What a day !
After days of overwhelmed assignments, surrounded by crowds, and lack-of-entertainment, weekend is what I am totally waiting for.
Sunday is perhaps called the-selfish-day to me. The day that I could have time-quality just for myself. I am a quite of introvert so I OFTEN love spending my time just with me.
But the thing is about BALANCING over everything. When I have too much time among the crowds, of course I need that time of ME. And when I got bored of slouching for days just at home, then I know whom I have to call. It's like a regular weekend when we do things as our routine. And my routine is quite boring but somehow alluring to me--ha ha.

1. Fresh Shower
Just after I woke up, I always do taking a shower. I just can't do anything without finish that business first. Seriously. *tee-hee sounds like I'm sort of a clean freak, but so you know, I am NOT. For most people I know, It might be the least thing to do.

2. On-Line
Obviously! I keep killing my time on it for lots of hours.

3. Music Massage
Music can move my soul. I calmed myself down with it. It's my life saving mentally and physically. It's not always the lyrics, but the music itself, the melody, the rhythm, the chords. I get most of good music recommendations from though.
4. Cloud Parade
I always love to have a sight-seeing over the cloud. Seriously heart-calming! Of course, I choose the right music to tune on.

5. DVD marathon

6. Do doodling
Not an expert but I feel better after I did it !

P.S : I can't put off my earphone that keep playing Dashboard Confessional - Stolen, and also Regina Spektor - The calculation. :D

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sii miemi said...

hai thx for u comment dear..
nice blog, mind to exchange link?

moochelo said...

omg I LOVE THAT PICTURE. hahha please be careful.. somebody might steal it (: rofl

nitya said...

I love the picture! And the color tone..

enjoy your "me time"

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

@sii miemi : thanks for visiting me :) I'll link you on my sidebar, dear

@moochelo : glad you like it :) I'll keep my eyes on that. :D LOL

@nitya : yay yes. thanks. :)

gd said...

This photo was nice! the BG seems pretty cool....follow you for sure, please follow mine too, if you may,

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

ooowh.. thanks a bunch, dear :D
of course I'd love to have a new neighbour ;)