Not much moves happened today. I stayed at home. The cloud's moody as the sun's hiding out of nowhere, so they made the lolled-atmoshpere hung over me. Not literally of course. He-he. Anyways, there are plenty things that cheer me up today. So here comes the list :

#1 A lot like love (re-watch)


I always love Ashton for every single movie he was played, especially in romantic comedy. He was just so hilarious as he acted geekly in this movie. Also charming as always. I laughed and cried occasionally because of this movie. It's romantically beautiful. And fu-haha-nny. Especially when Amanda hit the door and ashton-serenade-amanda part. Well, don't forget the soundtrack because it absolutely stucks in my mind; Aqualung-Brighter than sunshine, Smashmouth-Walkin on the sun, also Third eye blind-Semi charmed life.

#2 Fantastic Mr. Fox (re-watch)

I love animation movie, especially the stop motion one (I mentioned that before). And this charming oldschool Fantastic did feed my eyes for countless joyous visual orgasms. What I found, somehow on this film was oldschool, quirky, witty, and unique. I laughed and stunned a lot and I've already watched it more than 5 times.  SUPERB! SUPERB! Thanks Wes Anderson! It surpassed my expectations. You did a very excellent job.

*Just in case if you are wondering how they perfectly made it

#3 Some uberly creatives vids

#4 Kaskus's threads
Spend lots of hours read most of them. Got many kewl facts, interesting ideas, shocking news and stuff.
Surprised by familiar sound that would creep me out at night. Then when I checked it, I somehow, stunned by this baby brown owl. And I fell in love for his total cuteness. Ha-ha. I named him OWIG. Quite have a rhyme with hedwig. Anyway, sorry I haven't got any time for getting his pic because of the fact that my dad kept him in the dark spot. Maybe next time. This pic below might help, but owig is smaller.
#5 popout eggPie
My dad just came from work and brought us egg pie, just when I've thought about that earlier. I didn't even ask him. wow. Seems that our peculiar radar worked out instantly. *he-he

2 reactions:

evita nuh said...

me too! me too! I always love stop motion movie, I don't know why, haven't watch fantastic mr fox, definitelly gonna search for it! :D

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

yea. that's cool ! uber cool! you MUST watch it :)
it's splendidly difficult to make you know.

btw, THANKS for the comment. really made my day, dear :D