Strawberry Giggles : Eiffel Necklace

Since I am so uninspired lately, my neighbor blogger, Nitya, invited me to join her giveaway. She has a sweet blog actually, and I love her attitude, too. Anyways, about the giveaway itself, she would like to give Eiffel Necklace by forever21. Gosh, how I love everything about Paris. *crossfinger&hope.That's why I feel so excited to give my opinion about long-lasting relationship for her. You know what, she's getting married by this end of year. Congrats! 

2 reactions:

nitya said...

Thank you dear,, but I'm not getting married this year..heehee.. But really, thanks for our entry :)

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

hahaa. sori. saya salah paham. FIKA nya yang mau nikah. doh! maaf maaf