Blisfully geek...

How's it sounds,eh? like I am an awkward?
Whatever just keep your opinion in mind because to me, this blog title sounds better and represents me more than "choco cookie stuck in my tummy". I also change the layout, too. Although it has less character, I'm just trying to make it cleaner on your eyes.
Err, do you think the header is good enough? Well, to me it's good but I'm not sure about the width size. It's a bit rough, I know. I just wanna keep it natural and simple.

FYI, the picture was one of my scrapbook project. I chose eye-catching 'cut outs' from my old magazines and I simply glued them together. And I have to say that it's a fun way to recycle something, especially when you're obviously an amateur crafty girl and get bored to the bone. But I'd love to become a pro one someday because I've just found this awesome web about DIY magazine project. GO check it out and try one. It has loads of projects and also how to do them -->

And oh, I guess I've done the blog makeover faster than I expected before, huh? I thought I'd have no time due to final exam, but somehow I'm having a week-off college. Cool. And that would make me a better couch potato person. Crap.

3 reactions:

Sarah said...

I love the new template, and cutoutandkeep looks fun! I'm gonna try some :D

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

Thanks. ya we should try them out.
and I love ur comment,too. it rhymes :D

Wahy said...

oh, I love your blog.
it looks cool :D