Bonsoir, this is gonna be a quickie hi post because I'm currently in the middle of my final semester exam now. I should have been studied, I know. Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead, The Amazing Race and America's Next Top Model still haunting me.
Also these songs literally stuck in my head. You must listen. It's darn lovely. And oh, Erin McCarley is my muse now. Her songs kinda Spektor-Bareilles.:3

Anyways, I still have few drafts to be publish soon after the exam. I think I should hit the hand-outs and textbooks. So there'll be no more procrastinating, okay. Wish me great luck, dear lovely people!

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Abdul Van Hadi said...

aku juga ag ujian !

Julia said...

I have a grad class paper due tomorrow. I have not yet started it! Eeek! Good luck, chica!

Miy said...

Good luck with the exam! and happy valentine's day!

The Picnic Girl

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

you too,dear. thanks :)

merci, picnic girl.
long time no see, huh?