Solitude is Bliss!

Another kinda Mixed Tape for those who are currently not in the mood of messing around with Mr. relationship. Yet, wanna keep serious stuff for later. :3

(via tumblr)

Allo Darlin - If Loneliness was Art
Arcade Fire - Cold Wind
Get Set Go - Hate
Hurts - Better Than Love
Inara George - Fools in Love
Nouvelle Vague - This is Not a Love Song
Pylon - Stop It
Razorlight - Who Needs Love
Tame Impala - Solitude is Bliss
The Radio Dept. - I Don't Need Love, I've Got My Band

Well, to me, company's okay. But solitude is bliss. (at least for now!) Anyhow, you can listen this mixtape via my 8tracks account. And If you have any Internet Download Manager, you can simply download the songs :-]