brand new look

Hey, y'all people!

It's been a month away from blogging because there's an exam during last month. Well, my blog is currently under contstruction. yippeee!! new header,new template, new background, new sidebar updates, IT'S ALL NEW NEW NEW!! I got the background and buttons from Shabbyblogs . It confused me out to choose the right one because I WANT them all :).

Actually, I had the thought to stop blogging with all people--including me-- move in to TWITTER. Right??? oo yeah, also POLYVORE (i'm fully addicted). However, real problem is that I have no extra time to post with all the college buziness. But I still have weekend to slouch with :)

You know, after a long time, I did the blogwalking ang googling around again, and It hit me when I compared them to my blog. Such a messed up with crowded template, picture, full color fonts. You know "Too much = Too few" means. LOL. So I decided to make all over my blog and it works. It maturer, classier. In conclusion, Le Magnitfique. (narcistic mode).

Hmmph, today in my petit' town, will happen 2 big events--Chinese New Year's eve and Valentine Day's eve--not to mention the SaturdayNight also.hehe. I can see that people use the red&pink theme everywhere I go--I didn't have opportunity to take some pictures :( . FYI, I am celebrating neither of them. I'm just enjoying the long-lasting fireworks everywhere--seriously until dawn--and it obviously more festive than NewYear's eve.

Oh, how I'm lusting for blazers now :) like these :

Bianca cotton-blend blazer

Cropped wool-blend blazer

*au revoir C:

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