collages of moi

Vintage popart I guess. And I heart it much with the colors and its composition. All I've done just bring all the backgrounds and the cut-outs picture in a what-so-called COLLAGE. It's one of my favorite things to do, though. Well, I've started to make it since juniorhighschool. I cut random posters from many different mags and put it all together on the wall. But, I already remove them. It's soo last century. LOL. So I've planned to make new one since 3 months ago but it became real just few days ago. It's all because when I found Polyvore. It's the simplest way to make collage even better !! And when I got bored with that, I simply recognized my neglected real-to-make collage. LOL.

Whoop! Finally, my mission accomplished. I finished the 3 wall collages after producing a lot sweats--new way to exercise. It costs quite much energy because it needs a lot of moves. Also it needs our right-brain to put them all together on the right composition. Well, maybe mine is not really in a good composition. But I am pleased enough. And relieved. These pictures below has taken a few minutes ago with my mum's camera phone. So, they arent in a good quality even after I've touched them up with Photoshop. Sorry. -_-".

P.S : The last collage was the hardest because it's huge. Seriously. And it was collapsed. Twice. So I had to start it over again. Added a lot more tapes to be sticked perfectly. Now I am pleased and satisfied. :)

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So incredible adoreable!!! :-)

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