walking on a dream

Hey yooo, people :D It's been a great day, isn't it??? How's your dream?? Mine's great. You know what. I had a dream about OBAMA! he talked to me. In English. But I forgot. All that I noticed was wondering how tall he is. tee-hee* :D
I don't know what it means but I'm quite sure that's a good sign. Perhaps. I hope. And..ohh.. I've ever dreamed about Soekarno (1st Indonesian's great President) and also Pope (former pope that have already died). So what's that suppossed to mean? Am I gonna be a leader?-- whiches not sooo me. hmmmph. curious curious. But, one thing I've noticed is :

P.S : Omg omg.. right now I'm experiencing dejavu, guys. RIGHT NOW. This dream is about a month ago. And I truly remember told this to my friend. Haha. What a dreamer.

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