Selamat Pagi ! Bonjour ! Good Morning !

It's been a week since my last post. At that time, I was been so busy by College, Collage, Doodling project, movie-to-watch, et cetera. It's so hard for updating blog thingy and even facebook or twitter--just looking around without updating :).
Speaking of college, I've already figure out my score (IP) whiches 3,41. Not bad for a start, huh? and thank God that there's no C. I think that's all because I set the goal that quite standard (3,5 ) and It missed 0,9 point. To me,
the score is well enough but I have to--even MUST-- increase it. To be noticed, I am not an ambitious person, folks. I'm just trying to focus on my goal and will let whatever the result shows up. It's all about stay in POSITIVITY.

*au revoir

2 reactions:

knk said...

hey is that you great u looks cute
all the best
enjoy life

have a great week end

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

oo. thanks! *blushed =)
I've figured out that you are Indian, right.
there are must be a lot of cute girls,. :)

you, too.
It's been a great weekend.!