polyvore-ing when situation's boring.

So one of my insecure moments is coming right away when my senior approached me at campus and asked me to join English speech contest for the Campus Anniversary. At first I creeped out..LOL.
Here's the thing, I do love english but speech*&%???..nah. Never done it before. And I've never joined any on-stage contest since forever; even most of my friends said that I fitted the capability. I just somehow felt flatterred to be choosen over hundreds of students while they dont really know my real ability.
*finger-crossed* I know I should just try and overcome my own fear. Just stand up there and face that hundreds of people who wont eat me. That's just hundreds, not millions. And It still a month ahead so I still have time for preparation. I hope I could say It's no.. big deal. LOL.

6 reactions:

beatrix hapsari said...

Kangen banget main polyvore. Udh hampir setaun nggak main...

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

yg bener?????
padahal bagus2 loh set nya!
kemaren saya jg smpet off bbrp bulan. biasa..kampus.he

makasih suda mampir.

beatrix hapsari said...

Iya beneran. Habis staun kemaren sibuk kuliah sm magang... hohohoho.
skrg giliran nganggur, malah malse nggak ada ide... ehehehe

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

oo. advertising emg pasti sibuk tu.he
ehehe. kan bisa liat set2 laen.

deekkyy said...

hallo...salam kenal..


Mudrica Rusfiani said...

iyaa. slam kenal juga deeky :)