Isi otak

I'm running out of idea about posting. My brain's so hectic with traffic full of thoughts. Million thoughts. So I'm going to make a list about what thoughts that complicated on my brain recently :

1. college
I always hoping that I've made a right decision about entering Nutrition Department. Doesn't mean that I regret it. I just thought that it's contradict over my passion. I'm interested in English, Computary, Visual art, and a bit Culinary. Instead of regretting and worrying , I do have great expectations because I know God would have given me the best path.

2. personal college tasks
I never thought being in nutrition department would be easy, until I sat in class on the very first day. I suddenly knew; It's more than just knowing nutritions contained in every food-stuff, guys. Well, It has so much interesting aspects to learn but the hardest thing so far is 'household MENU planning' manually without the software--due on Wednesday.
So I have to calculate my own nutritions daily needs and plan the menu based on them. Struggling with variety numbers of course. It almost fun, though. Wish me a luck!

3. my behaviour
I'm quite a thinker. I often question myself and think about the change. Am I irritating or hot-headed? Have I friendly enough? Do I ? Should I? etc.. I just always thinking about the evolution. I keep the idea of controlling my emotions and stuff. But when the moment 'pushes my button' , somehow the whole idea fades out. I know all that stuff shouldn't be stress about. All I need is practicing and have greater willingness of change.

4. my future
Honestly, sometimes I do worry about my future. It just scares me when the time's ticking real damn fast through me and it makes me wondering, "what I've done?" "which path should I follow?"
I MUST do something. At least a small better change. For me. For my parents. Make them smile. :)

*au revoir

4 reactions:

knk said...

still i am worrying about my future

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

yeah, we should. but I dont want to worry much bcz right now--the present time--is determining our future. :)

Anonymous said...

cool post
hey thanks for comment

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

really??? thankssss :D