Currently listening to OST.500 days of summer that actually keeps me sane. As I've mentioned before, my life's been pretty busy with assignments and tests and other college thingy. So this blog has been suffering from neglect. *sorry :(
We all know that this world is restless. Most people in motion and sick of all their same routines. But somehow I don't feel the same. I can tell that I am fully-blessed and enjoy almost every moments. I enjoy my hectic college schedule simply just by looking out of window--the view's just eyeworthy without tall building surrounded. :) 




Also, have a warm conversation with classmates--just to get to know each other better. Or..doodling ! It's full of blast even I'm still beginner. tee-hee 

Anyways, the point is, I almost always know how to kill my boredom. When there comes the bad moment--so that the boredom would beat me right down and I have NO idea what to do-- I would end up doing NOTHING but listening to my own running thoughts with empty stare. doh!

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Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

cool pictures! you really have a talent on photographing :D

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

Hi alexandra! thanks for stoppin by :)
merci ! I'm blushed :')

Fairy Floss to Me said...

halo mudrica :D

first, thanks for visit my blog :)

2. kamu tau nama panggilan aku ayu dari mana? hehe

3. aku suka banget sama konsep blog kamu dan apa yang kamu post di blog kamu, AKU SUKA :D

add facebook aku dong cantik biar gampang kenalannya hehe


Mudrica Rusfiani said...

Hi ayu!

haha, tau dari looklet. add aku jg yaa.

iyaa. makasih :) kamu jg keren bgt kok blognyaa. gambargambarnya bagus. :D

sipsip :)