Not so into it


I'm just still not certain about what I should write or post. Truthfully, everyone seems to be so into hosting on fashion blogs, hey I'm no way fashionista. I just love it visually--for now. My parents dont happen to be superrich so I couldn't afford fancy shoes or branded bags whatsoever. Someday, when I grow up and earn loads of money, I will fill up my closet with everything I wanted. EVERYTHING. :)

Just so you know, I love arts and all creative stuffs. I love music, movie, photography and drawing and all sorts of visual arts. Fashion is one of visual art, I guess.  And one thing for sure of all my favorites is about beauty. I love playing looklet just rely on my sense of balancing composition. tee-hee. I love magazine just wondering how to make it eye-catching with beauty layouts and pictures. I sometimes imagine myself working in magazine. I hope. I hope.

Anyways, even though I couldn't afford to host an fabolous fashion blog, please don't get bored with my babbling thoughts or my everyday life. Because I love browsing so bad, I often find some awesome things about everything. Then, I soon post it and inform to you so I hope make you feel inspired. So, thanks a bunch for your visit and sweet comments, fellas. 

*I have 3 days break from college and I'm very enthusiastic about it. I'd have so much time for stretching my brain :) Happy holiday.

2 reactions:

aphrodita wibowo said...

salam kenal

kata seorang teman:
akali limited budget dengan kreativitas !!!

aku malah lebih sering pake barang recycled buat dibikin jadi kliatan lebih mahal dari barang branded...hehe...

juat be the way u r...
isi aja blog nya sesuka kamu,huhu...



Mudrica Rusfiani said...

hei dita.
makasih atas sarannya.
iyaa, 'akal-akalan' yg saya tau itu namanya klo gak salah recessionista kak. wah pasti keren tuh blognya. I'll check it out.
thanks yaaaa!