I extremely straight-forward fell in love as I watched this short love story just by the trailer. "I'm Here" is directed by Spike Jonze.

This whole movie is about bittersweet love of two robots that so unique yet heart-melted. Beautiful is all I can say. I just love the mellow-romantic atmosphere that Jonze created. I also love how the soundtrack fit perfectly among the scenes. Romantic. So lovely with the tones, the moods, the everything. Damn fenomenal. I completely make this as the best short movie I've ever seen. :) And I haven't felt this emotionally attached to a pair of robots before. 

But, unfortunately this movie has 35 minutes length. I want more, please!

Here's the trailer : 

I suggest you to watch the full streaming movie on

I love the idea of the "online-cinema". It makes this movie special in a way.

P.S : you should love love the soundtrack,too. Aska Matsumiya - There are many of us. click here to download. I listen to it overandover until I fall asleep. 

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Fairy Floss to Me said...

hai kak mudrica, aku udah add kamu di facebook :) confirm dong yaaa

kak, aku pengen nanya-nanya nih tentang blog hehe aku baru buat soalnya hehe

makasih kak :)

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

iya. uda di konfirm kok dear :)
sipsip. kontakkontak yah.