Enter Me !

Ok. Does Law of Attraction really works? Because I always keep this stuff into mind and literally drooling for it. You know not everyone could afford this including me. I tried hard looking for the copy and too bad It's not available in my current city (west borneo). So here it goes. When I tried to buy it online, I found LLYMLRS 's link. She's way too generous to make this uber wow giveaway : Alexa Chung's handbag. The one I've always wanted. I'm excited to the max. Anyways, I guess it's time to count on my lucky-go-happy charm. Because she 'll choose the winner randomly.
Well, In case you wanna join --> here

2 reactions:

elvaretta hella said...

temen aku ad yg beli sm bgt sm tas gini mud.. hehehe

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

emang banyak sih yang beli kw-an nya.

kalo yg asli mah jutaan lak. ha