fast-forwarding life

I've been a wee bit lacking of inspiration recently and I'm pretty overwhelmed too by assignments and textbooks and the fact that I'm (still) staying at dorm. Geez, the rules quite suck. *permission of complaining.
FYI, my graduation still two years ahead. So I'm pretty sure that the more I keep myself busy with everything involving the organization and assignments, the more time flies quick. And indeed it is.
- I joined campus commitee which quite tiring me mentally
- And even the showchoir, I'm such a gleek!
- Drowning myself with sea of textbooks and wikipedia. boo for assignments. *tee-hee
- House marathon from the very 1st episode. makes me feel dizzy for a while.
- Use my dorm room temporarily as a very simple small theater ( campus's projector infocus + speaker + lappy + snacks + pillows) when we had a long lunch break. It turned to be worthy class waiting :)
- Stumbling on tumblr. *purr-fect getaway!
- Drooling at street fashion show on lookbook.
- Figuring out what to post which I clearly had no idea :/
- Wondering why some bloggers have that 'extra-brain-thing' to create post everyday and make it almost always interesting . It's insane due to the fact that they're busier and more capable than I am. oops. LOL. Kidding.

Anyways, I've found this pure genius fantasy-pop-culture paintings book by Mark Ryden. Simply creepy but amazing. I'm wow-ing now.

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