WARNING: causing sugar high.


This playlist is for songs that are uber sweet--just like sugar--and of course about love and make me grinning ear to ear and want to kiss the first person I see. I know it sounds overrated, but who cares anyway. 

# Anya Marina - Satellite Heart

# Aska Matsumiya - There are many of us

# Carla Bruni - L'amour

# Carla Bruni - Le plus beau du quartier 

# Chairlift - Bruises

# Darius Danesh - Colourblind 

# Imogen Heap - Goodnight and Go 

# Iron and Wine - Flightless bird, american mouth

# Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk - Paperweight

# Kimya Dawson - So nice so smart

# King of Convenience - Love is no Big Truth

# Lisa Mitchell - Coin Laundry

# Meaghan Smith - A little love

# Metric - I'm yours

# Michael Giacchino - Married Life*

# Robin Thicke - The Sweetest Love

# Sixpence None The Richer - There She Goes

# The Bird and the Bee - How deep is your love

# Zee Avi - Bitter Heart

*currently my all time favorite, it's from Up's OST. dont know why it always touch me damn hard and makes me cry everytime I watch the movie.

PS : And oh, so sorry I dont have much time to give you the download link. 

11 reactions:

fhen said...

the pic and playlist is adorable :)
some of the songs are just so sweet!


Castor Pollux said...

aww, such a sweet photo :D cool playlist, ci! i like imogen heap too!

Castor Pollux

silviasiantar said...

sooooooo sweeeeeeet

i'm downloading the songs now

following your blog now babe


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

GAH. Your blog is so pretty - how do you get the header all fancy and shmancy? I LIKE IT.

And Anya has SUCHHHH a nice voice. It's so attractive.


silviasiantar said...

hey thanks for your sweet comment on my blog

following you now


keep in touch

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

@fhen : yay. that's why I warned you, it'll cause sugar high :)

@castorpollux : you do? she's uber unique

@lexy : geez. yours are way cuter. i was simply download the header at shabbyblog.com and edited it with photoshop.

@silvia : aa, glad you love it. thanks. I've followed you first. :*

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like the 1st one too..

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

you do?
itu dari ost.twilight saga kalo gak salah. :D

Rubiyanto said...

hhhhmmm. lagu-lagu yang keren ....

Wahy said...

oh, thanks for the list.
downloading them now ;) x