Current YAY/NAY

Now my fingers feel like dancing, not only with keyboard but also with stationery. Since I have no idea what to post--because I am no way a gifted writer--I decided to make a likes/dislikes list just like Cassandra Niki did. Anyhow, I call it yay/nay list *tee-hee.

- All green field
- Cheese
- Darkness. Just moon & stars
- Hugs & cuddles
- Massages
- Paris
- Pasta
- Rhyme
- Sims (All version)
- Sunflower
- Surprises
- Thrifting
- TV series

- Any kind of smoke
- Bullshits
- Dusty things
- Got cheated
- No good food
- Plastic
- Pungent fragrance
- "request timed out" error message
- Spoiler!

Tell me what's yours,eh?

2 reactions:

Indah Nainggolan said...

love that pic:)
let's follow each other and be friends :)let me know by comment in my post :)cheer ya!

Tara said...

Agreeeeee , with NAY to plastic, stop using plastic bag :) nice blog btw...