Uniquely quirky ! can describe Zooey Deschanel. She do have talents as an Actress, Musician, and Singer-Song writer . She also have taste in fashion. Love her style because that so damn vintage yet original.

These are some pictures based on movies I've watched that starred by her :

Elf Failure to launch

Bridge To Terabithia Yes Man

The Happening

The go-getter

And I can't wait to watch her brand new movie !

500 days of Summer

Also, she's totally talented with her lovely voice and her capability to write her own song with
the band called She and Him.

Hmm, this is their video. So unique and adorable. I love how weird this video is. And I'm wondering how she could have an akward expression for the most of the video. But she still cute, though.
And ooh, most of their song have 50's atmosphere. Her voice is perfectly fit for this kinda music.

However, I'm sick with the comparison between Zooey and Katy, even I love them both. I hope people can stop bring it up to the top of conversation anymore.

*source : zooeydeschanel.tumblr.com

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