Finally, i could watched HP6 on Thursday. It's over a week from the released date on July, 15th. When my friends and I wanted to watch it on the next day, of course, the ticket was totally sold out. ergh.
Then, the plan had to be delayed again, because two of my friends got sick. Few days later, there wasn't a confirmation from them but i was still waiting.
So, i realized that it's totally waitin for nothin because one of my friends have watched it first. And Oh gosh! She said it wasn't too good and almost all of my friends didn't want to watch it on the theater.
However, I dont give a damn what all people said about HP6, of course I'm still a huge fan of it.
Btw, I went there with my buddies who love HP too. I wore a brown Hogwart T-shirt. Yayy!
Whew, I was so excited and really miss all of the character. Also, I was impressed by the visual effect. So sophisticated. To me, the movie is the darkest and the funniest movie among the series. Haha. I know that many scenes,elements,etc have been dissapeared from the book. It was just dissapointed me a bit. After all, there's always a weakness appears. But i could stand still as a HP fan.

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