Top 5 countries I want to visit

Everyone is allowed to have a dream. So If i had loads of money, I would visit these places with whom i love :)
Mecca,Saudi Arabia

This holy place might be at the 1st destination for perfecting myself as a moslem by participating the Hajj annual program. I'd love to participate it only when I'm ready physically and mentally as well. I hope i can make it above 25 and under 45.hehe.


I adore this country so baaad.
All the attractions that so amazed me :
That gorgeous skyscrapper above called Eiffel
The greatest museum in the world,

World class art galleries
Beautiful parks and gardens while spring
Have fun in Disneyland Paris
Romantic boat cruise on S
eine River
Enjoy the classy cuisine
Yet, I also 'heart' the language whiches really romantic yet classy
I know that it's obviously difficult to lear
n, but c'mon!try moi :D
#3 Egypt

Egypt is the gift of the Nile.” Herodotus

This country has a lot of mysteries and it triggers me to explore the whole wonders things that still exist. I want to check-in at the hotel that has pyramid view, whew! what a splendid day that i hope would happen as I wish.
I' d really like to visit the Pyramids,Sphinx,Nile river, and blablabla.
#4 Carribbean Islands

To breath the fresh air, listen to the rolling waves, play with white sands and blue sea, and the most important thing is to view the huge fantastic scenery created by the only God :) hmmmph really peaceful. And also i wanna try snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing, wow!


Whew, this country is soo fascinating and sophisticated. I 'd love to :
  • Enjoy the cherry blossoms tree
  • Spend the night at the downtown. I just love the hi-tech atmosphere that full of lights and ads.
  • Visit Fuji Mountain
  • Walk on the street and shopping all day long
  • Watch and admire the Harajuku street style

I just really 'heart' the cultures and their creative minds to create everything that so amazed me. For example, the buildings, anime,manga, etc.

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