I am currently watching The Lost season4 tv serial. It's been like watching a short movie in each episode. Never ever feel bored,seriously. I do really really loves this. It's full of conflict,thrill, and adventure. So, i follow this quiz at to figure out who I am on The Lost.

You Are Kate

You've done a bad things in your life, even though they were justified.

And since you keep your past to yourself, people see you as very mysterious.

You're independent. You do what you have to in order to survive.

You are quick witted, and you have a variety of useful skills. You're quite resourceful.

Although you're a loner, you form strong romantic bonds quickly.

Deep down, you're very loving - though you are still scared of being burned by someone.

She is soo NOT me. She's just one of my favourite character,hehe. So i answered it with pretending to be Kate, LOL :D.

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